Surrogacy LAW

Every couple embarking into surrogacy program has valid concerns about the legality of the procedure abroad. The experts of Anastasia Herman law office will answer all your questions and assist on every legal step of international and domestic surrogacy.

Ukraine has a unique surrogacy legislation in the world which allows Intended Parents to be considered legal parents from the very moment of its conception.
— Anastasia Herman LL.M

Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated on the state level and nowadays Ukraine is one of the most popular country where heterosexual married couples can get affordable medical and social care. When you choose Ukraine as the destination for your fertility journey you need to consider a few particularities and we will be glad to share our best knowledge and experience on legal and logistic aspects of surrogacy program with you, including:

  • Counseling

  • Agency and Clinic agreements evaluation

  • Negotiation of agreement with all the parties involved

  • Drafting of the contracts

  • Representation in front of the medical institutions

  • Prompt birth registration of the newborn child via surrogacy

  • Preparation of the documents necessary for Embassy process

  • Drafting of Affidavits and other documents for establishment of parental rights

  • Legal advice on family, citizenship and immigration law

If you embark this amazing journey we will happily handle the associated emotional and legal issues with you. Partnering with a skilled teams of IVF professionals we are willing to do best for you and work through the complex surrogacy process abroad without sacrificing the joy that comes with starting or expanding a family.

If you are considering surrogacy as an option for you, please Request a Consultation

It is a great law office, which provides services of excellent quality. Anastasia Herman is an amazing as she combines the best of professional attorney and kind person. We were happy to work with her and we definitely highly recommend her!
— Omer and Sarah, Tel-Aviv, Israel