Embryo adoption in Ukraine

Embryo adoption is a form of third party reproduction and an option for many couples who go through fertility treatment and can’t use their own cells.  

Sometimes couple going through in vitro fertilization (IVF), have fertilized eggs (embryos) remained and frozen for later use. The couple can decide what to do with remained number of embryos and one of the option is to donate them to a couple who is unable to conceive. Embryo adoption allows the genetic parents to give their embryos a chance for life even. And it provides other couples with an opportunity to have children. 

The procedure of donation of embryos is clearly outlined in the Order of the Ministry of Health No. 787 “On the Approval of the Procedure of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Appliance”. According to this Order a patient of the  IVF program, who has unused cryopreserved embryos remained in the cryobank after having children via assisted reproductive technologies can become a donor of  embryos.

In the case of fertilization of donor oocytes by donor’s sperm it is possible to transfer them into the recipient's uterine cavity or cryopreserve the embryos (with future transfer in subsequent cycles).

By voluntary, conscious, written consent of patients, their embryos can be donated to another patient / married couple recipient, as well as non-married female recipients.

Recipients (at their request) can be provided with a phenotypic portrait of gametes and embryos, with no personal data disclosure.

The use of donor embryos is carried out according to the patient / patients’ request for the use of the assisted reproductive technologies with donor embryos.

Embryo donation is truly a win-win situation for all the parties involved, since the party that donates the embryos won’t face any struggles with deciding the fate of the embryos remained after IVF procedure and gives them a chance to be born into this world  whereas the party that adopts the embryos will get chance to experience the joy of parenthood.