Independent surrogacy program or how to get same result for lower cost

Independent surrogacy (otherwise known as private surrogacy) is completed without a surrogacy agency — usually only with a lawyer and fertility clinic.

Full-service surrogacy agencies are essentially one-stop shops for intended parents. These professionals provide needed services including advertising, matching, screening, counseling, surrogacy planning and case management, and coordination of the necessary legal and medical processes. In independent surrogacy, it is up to the intended parents to outsource these services to the necessary professionals.

If you are considering international independent surrogacy program here are the most common reasons why:

1 - High cost. The cost of doing surrogacy via agency costs extra $10k - $15k and you are looking for the most affordable journey to parenthood. Because of high demand Ukrainian affordable Ukrainian surrogacy tends to rise the prices up, because of higher fees and compensation of the surrogates. For example comparing with 2016 theirs fees increased for 30%. Same situation with an egg donors.

2 - Distrustful service providers. While you are starting surfing the web and make research into social media chat groups it becomes difficult and confusing which surrogacy and egg donation agency, clinic is the most reliable.

3 - Opinion to compensate your surrogate better instead to pay to the agency.

4 - Desire to self-tailor your international surrogacy program involving the professionals you want to work with, as commonly Agencies already have settled way of managing the cases via established network.

Agency vs. Independent Surrogacy

  • Matching and Screening Services: Surrogacy agencies usually have an established network of prospective surrogates and can match intended parents to a surrogacy opportunity based on both parties’ plans and preferences.

  • Surrogacy Planning, Case Management and Coordination: Intended parents who work with a surrogacy professional often benefit from surrogacy planning and case management services. But while you are considering international independent surrogacy, local social worker might be great option for you.

Pros and Cons of International Independent Surrogacy


  1. In some instances, intended parents can save money by pursuing independent surrogacy, because they won’t have to pay agency fees to cover the cost of services like counseling and support, case management and contact mediation.

  2. Legal and medical professionals may be the only professionals necessary in an identified surrogacy.

  3. Self-tailored international surrogacy is optimal option which will be available for you.


  1. As noted in the section above, many services are more difficult to find and coordinate in independent surrogacy.

  2. Language barrier as you surrogate from overseas might not speak same language as you.

  3. You need to have reliable person who will navigate the process, such as professional social worker.

Summing up

Pursuing surrogacy without an agency is generally more challenging, but it can be done. Intended parents must consider their comfort level with the surrogacy process, their relationship with their surrogate and the services and support they will need throughout the process before deciding whether to work with an agency or complete a private surrogacy.

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