Finding a Surrogate

Finding a surrogate is not an easy task, thus surrogacy arrangements including surrogate matching mostly are conducted by the specialized agency. It is not restricted by the law to advertise surrogacy and find a match on your own as well.

It is recommended to get legal advice before you starting the process, so you will be sure that all legal requirements are met with regards to the process. It may be useful for you to know the risks of surrogacy, so you will be prepared and your expectations will be set properly. Nowadays there are more than 40 clinics in Ukraine which are licensed and perform IVF, surrogacy and egg donation programs so you have wide choice of IVF clinic, finding the one which will comply with all your requirements.

Whichever method or service you are going to use to find your surrogate, you are responsible for making sure that she fully understands rights and obligations and she is ready to share the risk with you. Independent legal advice is recommended before any surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine, since your lawyer will be involved in your legal of surrogacy arrangement, however, an attorney can provide professional advice on the legal status of both the surrogate and Intended parents. You need to know what the risks are and how to minimize them.