Who is your perfect surrogate

Before applying for surrogacy, Intended Parents have many doubts about who is the perfect surrogate for their journey to parenthood. You might have a lot of concerns and fairs which mean you are on the right track!

Based on our experience we conclude most important criteria for surrogate which allows you get a perfect match
— Anastasia Herman law office team

Legal admission

In accordance with a law your surrogate, has to be in the age from 18 – 38 years old and have at least one own health child. In case if surrogate is married her husband has to provide consent for her program participation.

Medical admission

Ukrainian law also provides requirements as for surrogate as for Intended parents to undergo wide range of medical screening which aimed to confirm physical and mental health of candidate and no contraindications have to be detected.


Gestational surrogates are responsible for a slew of important medical appointments, telephone calls with Intended parents, and important documents to gather and send out. So whether she thrive best in a controlled chaos or have a calendar finely tuned to down to the millisecond, an excellent surrogate mother will be on the ball when it comes to organization.


Probably the most important qualification a surrogate mother can possess is a successful previous birth. This prerequisite is usually unwavering for most any serious agency, and for good reason. A surrogate must prove that she is capable of carrying her own child before she can carry someone else’s child.

Comfortable communication

Before to start surrogacy it is highly recommended to make sure that your communication is comfortable and you really feel it is a right person to undergo surrogacy is. Remember that your surrogate will be in touch with you for a long time so your emotional confidence has top priority.

Personal conveniences

Depends on your decision to stay close to the surrogate or keep distance and minimize communication as much as it possible, first make sure that your surrogate has the same attitude and desires. Any misunderstandings of the process or any inexpressibly can cause disappointments during pregnancy course or program in general.

We wish you make a decision to start your family with surrogacy despite fair and taking into account criteria described above. We are sure that your path to parenthood will be the most exciting and happiest time of expecting a miracle.