Top 5 facts you should know about Ukrainian birth certificates

Birth certificate is one of the most common question which Intended Parents have before starting international surrogacy. That’s why this article is an overview on top facts you should know about one of the most important documents which confirm the legal fact of the child's birth and to be issued by the State authorities as the final step of Ukrainian surrogacy law process.  Here the top 5 facts about Ukrainian birth certificate you should know:

Fact #1

According to local legislation, surrogate mother’s data is not subject to be mention in the child’s birth certificate, because Genetic (Intended) parents are legally recognized as only parents who have an exceptional parental right under the child’s custody since the early conception of the surrogacy.

Fact #2

Despite the fact that in the birth certificate you will not find any word about surrogacy, Ukrainian Registry authorities keep evidences about the legal base why your surrogate mother’s name wasn’t included in the document. Also on your request “Corresponding record on the birth” can be issued as a document which consists all data on child’s origin, including the fact about genetic link between Intended parents and a child born through surrogacy.

Fact #3

For child’s birth registrations to be made both of the Parents have to be physically present during registration in Ukraine. 

Fact #4

Your child can be granted with maximum of 2 (two) names, but in case you want more names for your baby - official document from your local authorities should be applied with an explanation of your national law and traditions which make legal to be given more than 2 names to the child.

Fact #5

There are some countries which don’t require birth certificate being apostatized, as between Ukraine and number of countries, Agreement on legalization system simplifying was signed. All countries all over the world require apostille to be done except Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Virmeny, Georgia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Makedonia, Mongolia, Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Uzbekistan, and Czech Republic. 

Ukraine is a great destination for your surrogacy journey to take place, as law opportunities will protect your family and support legal parenting without a need of looking for legal gaps.
— Anastasia Herman law office team