Is Surrogacy Worth it?

Surrogacy isn't an easy decision for any couple who need to go through fertility treatment. Surrogacy solution goes along with a mix of emotions, medical protocols, injections, excitation sometimes with disappointments, permanent solicitude and fears but all of those things are accompanied with the most significant key - big hope and desire to have an own kid.

Before your start surrogacy journey, it is highly recommended to get professional advice of the specialists who will be engaged with the process and will provide effective guidance within the program. Discuss such solution with your doctor, psychologist, lawyer, social worker and of course with your family which will help you to get clear vision and understanding that all of them will be there in the minute when you need it and will help during each step of the most important period of your life – period when your precious child comes into this world. The decision to start surrogacy can’t be taken lightly and quickly, but it is a decision which will change your life, making your house full of happiness, love, and laugh. Is surrogacy easy? – No. Is surrogacy worth it? – Absolutely!

Use a life-changing chance which surrogacy offers you, and be ready that your dream to become happy parents will come true!
— Anastasia Herman law office team