Egg Donation Law

Egg donation is a legal procedure in Ukraine, as opposed to some other countries where it is prohibited for both religious and legal reasons. According to the legislation, the egg donor does not have any parental responsibility or parental rights towards a child. The legal parties of the procedure for an egg donation are exposed in detail in instruction of the Ministry of Healthcare which contains a list of individuals who have the opportunity to offer their participation in such a procedure (donors). Donors can be familiar to a person of the female sex, relatives as well as anonymous voluntary donors are legal in Ukraine. In case the egg is provided by an anonymous voluntary donor, the law guarantees full confidentiality and preservation of medical secrecy.


Egg donation is a well regulated procedure and is popular among different nationals. When you choose Ukraine as the destination for your fertility journey, we will share our best knowledge and experience on all legal aspects of gamete donation program in Ukraine, including:

  • Counseling

  • Agency and Clinic agreements evaluation

  • Negotiation of agreement with all the parties involved

  • Drafting of the contracts

  • Representation in front of the medical institutions

  • Prompt birth registration of the newborn child via egg donation

  • Legal advice on family, citizenship and immigration law

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